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Epoxy Training

Training Overview

If you are looking to expand your portfolio, we offer a 2-day epoxy training class. Whether you are new to epoxy and decorative concrete coatings or have limited experience, we offer an epoxy training class to teach the ins and outs of Epoxy and decorative concrete coatings.

Epoxy Training Center

All aspects of epoxy floor coatings & decorative floor finishes will be covered in this training class; Including but not limited to overlays, metallic floors, 1- and 2-day flake floor systems, cove base, quartz, metallic and the newly introduced Slurry System.

You will learn product selection, tools, and equipment, followed by the opportunity to get hands on with the epoxy. This will help you get accustomed to the equipment and tools you need to install these floors in the field. This is also a great opportunity to get any questions answered that you may have about the industry. If you are just getting started in the field, you will get to see the experts at work and learn the necessary tricks for a perfect finish. This will also provide enough hands-on experience to feel comfortable putting down any floor!

What to Expect - Epoxy Curriculum

The epoxy classes are a 2-day course. During this time, you will learn how to prep the surface of the concrete, use moisture barriers, do flooring repair and leveling, use primers and base coats, what tools and equipment you need for each specific system, and how to estimate pricing for a job. You get hands-on experience that will be invaluable to your business in all types of epoxy applications, including solid colors, flakes, glitter, and urethane coatings. This course is helpful for beginners and those who have worked with epoxy resin before. This course is hands-on, with minimal time spent in the classroom and you will be operating machinery, removal tooling and epoxy applications.